9/11 One Year Anniversary Justin Herman Plaza San Francisco
"City of Gold" de Young Museum San Francisco Fall 2007 installation View

Indusrial detail
"Fragile" Florence Biennale 2003
"Insufficient Memory" 9/11/2001 - Microchips
Creation Capitalism Corrective Surgery
Skull and Bottle detail
Davis 1994
United We Fall 2001
Hypothesis 1995 - Nature
Happy Birthday Dr King
"Magnolias on Cole" 30" x 30" C-Print Museum Mounted For Sale
Art Lickers Ball Mussel Beach
"Powers That Be"
Human Mandala @ Earthdance 2001
Fusion Festival Angels Camp Ca
Trans-Mission 1998
Laguna Beach Tumbleweed
Detonation Earth - World Environment Day 2005
Dolores Park Magnolia
Layla Another painting on a different day at Sproul, no incident Laguna Canyon D.U.R.T. 69 @ Peter Blake Gallery
Garden of Earthly Delights Creation Capitalism Corrective Surgery - City Breathless Tidal Shells Empire -Tower


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