Joe Mangrum creates installations for both private and public exhibitions.

Are you interested in a temporary artwork for an event? Or a permanent work for your home?
Different situations lend themselves to different types of art.

For Temporary Projects:

Each space and event has its own set of circumstances that may effect how the art is presented. For this reason I prefer to meet with you on the site of the event and discuss possible locations scale and scope of the work. I have worked at large scale private events and festivals creating interactive works for up to 40,000 people and still do weddings and other private events as well. Please contact me for more information.

For Permanent Works:
Although my sand designs done in the temporarily in the streets, the images last forever in other forms. My designs can be made in a number of mediums including Terrazzo, glass, wall hung artworks on panel, and even custom carpet.


Terrazzo designs created for San Francisco Art Commission corner of Mission and 22nd Streets


Sand on panel with clear acrylic-
A layer of acrylic medium binds sand to a wooden panel support. The layers are built up with each detail emerging as each layer is allowed to dry. The process repeats until the desired result is reached.

Glass- a material called glass frit is used instead of sand to create the designs directly on glass panels. In combination with transparent paints or with photographic images placed in the glass the results are amazing.

Custom Carpet- I’ve recently been in touch with a custom carpet maker. If you are interested in this process we can design your custom carpet based on my designs