Hypothesis – San Francisco State 1995

“Hypothesis 1995” @ San Francisco State University

A theory comprised of 4 different worlds colliding. One from various auto and industrial parts, one from those of technology,one from money and the last from nature. In addition there is a world map (not shown) with energy centers emerging all over the globe. There are also organic shapes drawn on the walls throughout the gallery using rice flour paint colored with beat juice (red) charcoal (black) curry powder (yellow) and plain (white). Each of these colors is representative of colors of people of the world. There is also a large blow-up of my right thumbprint (seen faintly to the right in the bottom right photograph) The thumbprint is drawn using a binary code translation of the story of the Lorax by Dr. Suess, where as each letter that makes up the text is represented by an 8 digit code of 0’s and 1’s.